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This network's goal is to build a database of plants used in various regions worldwide, to determine and record the ecological factors of the plant, to be used as a source to determine the best plants for gardens to be planted in the region.

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What is an Ecological Unit?
An Ecological Unit is a group of any kinds of plants, which provide their own nutrients, mutually protect each other, grow soil, create benign micro-cultures, provide food, medicine or craft supplies, require little to no intervention, and can be shared with anyone who has a growing site to support it. Ecological Units can take many shapes and forms.

Why are these Ecological Units important?
Ecological Units are a way of sharing gardens in patterns that match Site-specific Factors, while providing for their own ecological needs. This saves a person the trouble of finding suitable plants, putting them together, helping to keep plants alive, and saving time and money in the process.

What are Ecological Factors?
Ecological Factors are the needs of the garden. Everything gardens. Plants and animals work together to create an environment. A garden has needs, which can be met by the garden itself. These needs are: appropriate nutrients, less competition, protection from harmful insects, staying within the water budget, and layering for mutual protection from too much sun and wind.

What are Site-specific Factors?
Site-specific Factors are the limits of any garden. They include the amounts of available sun and water, the fertility of the soil, the geographic micro-climate and the amount of time a person has to work on it in order to produce something.

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