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  • Expert Gardener Network

    1 member   |   Latest Activity: on Mar-17-11

    This network's goal is to build a database of plants used in various regions worldwide, to determine and record the ecological factors of the plant, to be used as a source to determine the best plants for gardens to be planted in the region.

    Growing Gardeners

    2 members   |   Latest Activity: on Mar-17-11

    Don't worry about the past! Help to change the world by modifying your environment. This is the group for anyone that wants to get your hands dirty, experience a growing garden, and grow in their knowledge of gardening with the help of experts.

  • Volunteers

    1 member   |   Latest Activity: on Mar-17-11

    Help support novice gardeners worldwide to succeed, by providing them location-tailored seed shares, ecologically sound planting patterns and a regional expert gardener support network online.

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